Ivermectin can relate to animals and inanimate objects as a means to achieve his goals, to satisfy his needs (although the feeling of compassion does not allow torturing animals).


In relations between people, there are ancient prohibitions (for example, the prohibition of cannibalism) and moral commandments (the commandment "Thou shalt not kill!", ivermectin). A person deserves a special treatment in comparison with any other living creatures (not to mention inanimate objects). His dignity is inalienable. It does not depend on race, nationality, level of development, physical or social status, character traits, vices, merits, etc. make a moral choice), then his dignity must be protected by others - guardians (for example, parents) or society, represented by public organizations and the state.

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It is this fact in relation to situations in modern biomedicine that expresses the principle of respect for human dignity.